Environmental Preservation and Cultural Heritage in China

By Anne E. McLaren, Alex English, Catherine Ingram and Xinhuan He.

Published by On Sustainability, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing

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In the twenty-first century the Chinese economy has seen rapid development and massive social transformation. A central dilemma of the Chinese state is to ensure economic growth together with sustainable development, preservation of the environment, and transmission of China’s ancient cultural heritage.

This book focuses on attempts at the local level to preserve both cultural and ecological heritage in a number of key regions such as Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Guilin, and the lower Yangzi delta. Topics covered include conservation zones managed by ethnic minorities; concepts of the “sacred” as they relate to ecological management, tourism and ecological preservation, folk ecologies as reflected in oral culture, and the impact of state policies and globalized heritage norms. The authors are experts in environmental management, ethno-linguistics, ethnomusicology and orality studies, with extensive experience of fieldwork and developmental programs in regional China. This work will be appreciated by those with a specialist interest in heritage and environmental studies in Asia and of benefit to students of contemporary China, environmental issues in Asia, and cultural heritage in Asian contexts.

Keywords: Environment, Culture, China

Book: Electronic (PDF File; 7.368MB). Book: Print (Paperback). Published by On Sustainability, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing.

Anne E. McLaren

Professor of Chinese Studies, Asia Institute, The University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria, Australia

Anne E. McLaren is a Professor at the Asia Institute, University of Melbourne, Australia. A specialist in the narrative and performance culture of the lower Yangzi delta, her latest book is Performing Grief: Bridal Laments in Rural China (Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2008). With the support of a Discovery Project from the Australian Research Council (DP0987640), she is currently investigating issues of orality, print culture and intangible cultural heritage in the lower Yangzi delta.

Alex English

Research Fellow, Centre for Strategic Economic Studies, Victoria University, Australia

Alex English is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Strategic Economic Studies at Victoria University, Australia, working on energy and climate change related issues in China and the challenges of implementing a sustainable low-carbon economy in Australia and China and former Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and Resource Management at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research interests include sustainable tourism, biosphere reserve management and sustainable energy use in China.

Catherine Ingram

Honorary Fellow, Faculty of Music, University of Melbourne, Australia

Catherine Ingram is a Newton International Fellow, SOAS, University of London, United Kingdom and Honorary Fellow, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne. She was formerly a Postdoctoral Fellow at the International Institute of Asian Studies, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since 2004 she has conducted intensive research as participant-observer in Kam song performances. Her publications include Women, Gender and Rural Development in China (edited by T. Jacka and S. Sargeson) and Music as Intangible Cultural Heritage:Policy, Ideology and Practice in the Preservation of East Asian Traditions (edited by K.Howard).

Xinhuan He

Deputy Dean, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Southwest Forestry University, Kunming, China

Xinyuan He is Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages at Southwest Forestry University, Kunming, China, and former Visiting Scholar at Thailand Agricultural University and the Linguistic Department, La Trobe University, Australia. He has extensive experience as interpreter for the United Nations Development Program in southwest China and a research interest in endangered languages in China, biodiversity conservation, and indigenous knowledge. He has published on Tibeto-Burmese languages in Yunnan.


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